Pinnacle Hills Goat Farm

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GOAT MILK Soaps SET of 6


OUR SOAPS are made in NC on our farm with our fresh goat milk.  We have crafted soap that we love and are satisfied with for our family.  We hope you like our soaps too.

INGREDIENTS: Saponified oils of Olive, Coconut and Castor Plus Shea, Cocoa or mango butters. A very few recipes use Sunflower oil or sustainable palm or canola oil. Goat Milk or distilled water. Infused oils are infused with Lavender, Dandelion or Calendula herbs.

(♥ We suggest that you allow your soap to dry between showers/baths, soap savers work great and soap bar will last longer.

♥ Our soaps are hand-cut, they weigh approximately 3.8 oz per bar.

♥ We include free samples in every order!

♥ This listing is for 6 bars of soap, we have plenty in stock

We are offering a set of six goat milk soaps so that you may stock up for yourself or gift giving!

CHOOSE 6 SCENTS or a combination of 6 and list them in the 'note to seller'. Price for set of 6 is 24.00.

EO =Essential Oil.  Otherwise scented soaps are scented with skin safe Fragrance Oils.


Butt Naked (unscented) Olive & Coconut oils.

Cedarwood Sage (EO blend)

Crisp Apple Rose

Dragon's Blood


Kentish Rain

Lavender EO

Monkey Farts

Oatmeal & Honey Unscented

Patchouli (EO premium )


Shampoo Bars: Lavender & Tea Tree

Shaving Soap w/ Betonite Clay, Vitamin E, Oatmeal EO's

Snickerdoodle Cookie  

Tangerine Zip

Twilight Woods

Unscented Butt Naked (Olive & Coconut oils)  

Unscented w/ Cocoa Butter (cocoa pencil line)

Unscented w/ Mango Shea Butter

Unscented w/ Shea Butter (Detox pencil line)

Unscented Oatmeal Honey

JEWELWEED (POISON IVY) SOAP (Lav, Tea tree, Sw Orange EO's.)Vegan

Please list your scents for a total of six.

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