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Pinnacle Hills Soaps

Jewelweed Salve (Poison Ivy) and Jewelweed Soap



I pick jewelweed and make a strong tea that I use to make a soap and also a salve to treat poison ivy, poison oak and other things that might be growing in your yard that cause rashes.  Jewelweed helps calm itching.  If you use the soap as soon as you are exposed there is a good chance you will not break out with poison ivy bumps.  If you have had it for a few days then it will help heal, dry out, and relieve itching.   The salve is good to use after the bumps appear on your skin to help heal.  This is being sold as a 2 part set.  The salve can also be used on blemishes, hives and rashes. The salve is in a 2 oz screw top tin, the soap bar weighs approximately 3.8 ounces.

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