Pinnacle Hills Soaps

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Pinnacle Hills Soaps

Goat Milk Lotion 8 oz Jar Unscented or scented


Goat Milk Lotion 8 oz jar. 

Our creamy goat milk lotion is wonderful to use on your face and definately to use all over.

Ingredients: Distilled water, Goat Milk Lotion base, Shea butter, Sunflower oil,  aloe & honey, preservative,( Essential oil or fragrance(

We chose to use jars instead of bottle because its easier to get all the lotion out.  Please refridgerate to extend life of lotion.

Please contact me if you would like more than one item and I can give you a combined shipping cost.  I also can send an invoice to Pay Pal.

available scents :

Cranberry or Cranberry Pomegranate


Lavender (Essential oil)

Lavender Fields  (Fragrance oil)


Lily of the Valley

Patchouli (essential oil)



Pink Grapefruit EO

Rose (Baby Rose)

Savanah Rain


Sweet Pea

Vanilla Musk



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